Grandfathers Defeat the Earth

My name is Mark Anthony. Texas. Fat cats, documentaries, comic books, and music consume me.

Goodbye tumblr. It was real. I’ll still look at you from time to time, but this goodbye for me.

The Zombies

—She's Not There


The Zombies - She’s Not There

The Cars



The Cars | Drive


am i reading this tag right, daigo is already out?

Anonymous asked: yeah man, sleep is good, love sleeping, sleep and be happy.

Sleep is for the weak. Now Im dying.

Anonymous asked: That back looks like wings belong on it. She's beautiful. I caught you guys at Korova. Good show.

Thanks man!

Anonymous asked: Ever physically hurt someone you love?

I have. Its the worst feeling. Especially when he’s your best friend. I’ve had so many anger issues I have to leave Brownsville and start over. Even now I’m always on guard. It sucks.